Why Choose InsureMyTools.ca?

Why choose InsureMyTools.ca?

There are an abundant amount of insurance companies looking to get your business, so why would you choose InsureMyTools.ca?  When people ask this question it gives us the opportunity to show you that we are not just another insurance company and that we offer a great deal of benefits over your other options.  As with most frequently asked questions, we have put together this post to let you know exactly why you should choose InsureMyTools.ca as your businesses & commercial auto insurance company, or just the insurance company you insure your tools with.

An Insurance Company Made For The Trades

We are not insuring any hair stylists, bakery’s, or any other business than a skilled trade oriented business like the ones we have listed on our site.  Having an insurance company that specializes only on the skilled trades and tool coverage is a massive advantage to any one of our customers. We have the experts in place to make sure you get the right coverage for the business you operate.  Our belief is that the skilled trades are the backbone of our economy.  They construct and maintain the buildings we use to operate in, the roads we use to travel to work, and the infrastructure we all use in our daily lives.  For this reason, we created InsureMyTools.ca to help those trades men and women get the insurance they need, as quickly, painlessly, and affordable as possible.

Coverages Designed For The Trades

When insurance packages are created with a specific trade or line of business in mind, it allows the insurance companies to really narrow down coverages needed for that line of business.  When it comes to the skilled trades, a normal commercial insurance policy most likely won’t be enough to cover you.  You will end up adding many endorsements to that policy and driving the yearly premium higher and higher.  There will be exclusions that you could fall victim to if you are unaware of them, and there are going to be coverages you simply would never need.

Luckily having an insurance company that deals only with skilled trades and tool coverage, they can eliminate the extra fluff from the policies.  By “trimming the fat” off a policy you can add in the extra coverages that only skilled trades would need.  Perfect examples of this would be installation coverage or equipment and machinery coverage that are both built into the InsureMyTools.ca insurance packages.

Coverage Packages to Choose From

At InsureMyTools.ca we know that not every business is the same.  We also know that not every business needs the same coverages or even knows about the insurance coverages they need to protect themselves.  For this reason, we put together our packages that allow you to work with an insurance professional to choose what coverage package meets the needs of your company.

Competitive Premiums (Price)

The reasons listed above give us a decisive advantage over other insurance companies that offer basic CGL packages to contractors or other trades.  The other advantage we have is that we have taken out the unnecessary portions of a normal CGL to create the packages tailored to the trades.  By eliminating the fat, we can offer lower premiums on our policies, and do so while still offering you better coverages.  Don’t believe us? Get a quote today!

Tools Only Insurance Packages

If you have to supply your own tools for your employment or if you own a large amount of tools that you need to insure, we can do that too.  So if you’re ever asking yourself “Can I insure my tools?”, the answer is yes, we can help you with that too.  Get a quote today!

Commercial Auto Insurance Packages

Not only do we insure businesses involved in the trades and tools, but we also carry very competitive commercial auto insurance packages.  It only made sense to protect our customers not only at the job site but on the way to the job site as well.  Whether you have one vehicle or a dozen, we have the competitive premiums to cover your businesses vehicles.  Get a quote today on your commercial auto insurance.

24/7 Claim Service

We hope you never have to make a claim, but stuff happens.  With InsureMyTools.ca you have access to 24/7 claims service that will walk you through your claim.  The claims professionals will work tirelessly to resolve your claim situation as fast as possible and try their best to keep your business operational during the claim process.

Superior Service and Advice

With the copious amount of insurance companies in the market today, you need to have more than some fancy packages or even good prices.  You need to be able to advise customers on what coverage they truly need and what they can do to protect themselves and their business.  We take this role very seriously and have only highly skilled and educated insurance brokers on our staff that take pride in protecting their customers interests.


We have laid out a few of the reasons that we think could entice people to choose InsureMyTools.ca as their insurance provider for their tools, commercial auto, and business.  At the end of the day we believe it is more than worth your time to allow us to quote your insurance to see if we can get you better insurance coverage for cheaper premiums.  We look forward to hearing from you.

-The InsureMyTools.ca Team

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