Commercial General Liability (CGL)

Common Insurance Claims for Contractors

Common Contractors Insurance Claims

Accidents happen and contractors operate a business where accidents could happen at anytime. It is important to have the right insurance coverage and to know where your coverage leaves you exposed. We have put together a short list of common insurance claims for contractors so you can see how these types of claims would affect …

Insurance Horror Stories


Just in time for Halloween we thought we’d share some recent insurance horror stories. Truthfully, we encounter these stories more often than we should. Names and companies will be omitted to protect the privacy of the individuals involved. Part I: Insurance Company Tells Contractor How to Run Their Business! Yes, you read that right. We’ve …

Why Contractors Should Have Commercial Insurance

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No one really likes paying for insurance, and contractors are no different. There are a lot of contractors operating their business without an insurance policy, and it should come as no surprise that this leaves them vulnerable to many different money losing scenarios. It’s entirely possible that they don’t know how cheap an insurance package …